Friday, August 20, 2010

Wow! Almost at 1,000 Dreambuilders

This morning I opened up my team statistics and I almost fell over. There are over 950 amazing women on the team -- and I estimate that soon I will hit 1,000!! I can not believe it! This year is amazing and I am so happy for everyone on the team.

Some of the stories that I hear from the women on the team are amazing. Women who are single moms that are raising children and are now able to work from home and support them, women who needed money to pay the mortgage and are now making more than they ever thought they could. We have women with Master levels degrees (like myself) and women that never finished high school.

YET...we all have something in common. The love of Thirty-One and the passion for getting things right!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Starting Again!

WOW! I can not believe how much has happened since my last blog! It seems like just yesterday was my last blog. When I looked at the date -- I almost fell over! I do want to start this again as I do love it! I will make it a point to be better at it and try to do a post a week....

So let's see...where do I begin?
Well first! I did graduate from Kutztown University with my Master's Degree. I graduated with a 4.0! I was so happy that somehow (lack of sleep) I finished my degree and still had time to do Thirty-One while having a full time job.

Speaking of that full-time job...I resigned last year. Thirty-One and a full time job was getting too much for me and the potential for Thirty-One was too great to chance losing.

Speaking of Thirty-One...well where do I begin??? I promoted to Senior Executive Director in March of 2009! It is the highest position of Thirty-One! I now have 11 Directors (5 of them upper-level directors) direct to me and 31 Directors in the entire downline! I have over 900 consultants in my downline in over 36 states! It is crazy!

I went to National Conference the beginning of July and they stated that Thirty-One is set to explode in the next five years and double in size by the end of the year! That is crazy but I love it!

I will post more later -- but for now -- have a blessed day and keep checking back!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Two Directors in Qualifications...

They say in the Direct Sales business there is nothing better than watching someone else get to where THEY want to go -- not where YOU want to go....I didn't really and truly understand that until August 30, 2008!

You see, I was up until around 11:30 PM working with Stacey and making sure that she would qualify for Director. She was close and only needed 300.00 more dollars and with the help of a team member -- she made it! Libby -- she made it earlier in the week, but Stacey was down to the wire....

Both girls DIQ'd in August and if all goes right -- each will become a Director this month! It was neat seeing Libby's signature on her e-mails "Director in Qualification" and then hearing Stacey talking about her first one-on-one call with Marcy. I am like the proud mama looking over her babies -- so happy for the way they have embraced Thirty-One and the way they are working with their teams.

I am SO very honored to have them on the Silver Bells team, and I am not sure how I got so lucky -- but I truly adore the team and everyone on it! I love being a part of this company and this team. I know that right now Libby and Stacey are excited -- but NO ONE is more excited for them than I am. They have worked hard for this and I can't wait to see them walk across that stage at the National Conference. Congrats ladies...enjoy this moment, savor it and remember it. This feeling is wonderful and I hope you can always enjoy it!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

July Recognition

Hello All:
Okay -- I will apologize in advance if I miss anyone or anything...I am usually more on top of everything but vacation mode is still going :-) A separate e-mail will be sent to welcome all of the new Dream Builders! Total Silver Bells team sales was a little over $21,000 -- and they say that July is the slowest month! HA!!

Just remember if these are your numbers for July -- you will more than likely (if you do this RIGHT) double these for the months of October and November!!!

Top Five In Sales!
Brandi Scott (MD) -- $4131.83
Libby Aulenbach (PA) -- $3753.77
Stacey Smith (PA) --- $1896.50
Sasha Heffelfinger (PA) -- $1747.40
Tracey Bailey (GA) -- $1364.42

Honorable Mention because they were SO close: Amy Moore-Adams ($1351.77) & Maureen Cox (1329.85)

Dream Builders Who Reached out and Made a New Dream Builder as a Partner:
Amy Lachance (2): Kimberly Perkins (ME) & Wendy Hansen-Vahle (IL)
Kim Wittreich (1): Kim Rondomanski (PA)
Stacey Smith (1): Georgia Mitchell (NC)
Brandi Scott (1): Melissa Urian (DE)
Katie Leach (1): Laura Guillot (LA)

Dream Builders Who Reached Over $1,000.00 in Personal Sales
Brandi Scott (MD)
Libby Aulenbach (PA)
Stacey Smith (PA)
Amy Moore-Adams (NC)
Maureen Cox (NY)
Sasha Heffelfinger (PA)
Tracey Bailey (GA)

Dream Builders Who Qualified this Month ($1,000 in career sales)
Tracy Bailery (GA)
Amy Moore-Adams (NC)
Kim Wittreich (PA)
Erin Eberly (PA)
Maureen Cox (NY)

Dream Builders Who Completed Their Start Swell (will receive $25.00 gift certificate)
Tracy Bailey (GA)
Amy Moore-Adams (NC)
Kim Wittreich (PA)
Erin Eberly (PA)

Dream Builders Who Entered Their First Parties This Month
(Please note that I do try to keep up with this -- if I missed you, please let me know)
Pat Woessner (MA)
Amy Moore-Adams (NC)
Melissa Urian (DE)
Tracy Bailey (GA)
Kim Wittreich (PA)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tiffany Blue Box Challenge!


I would like to ask each of you take the time to congratulate Libby Aulenbach - she is the winner of the Tiffany Blue Box Challenge!

Libby reached $5703.25 in sales (April, May and June) and recruited two girls each reaching $500.00 in sales. This is such an amazing win -- as no one else completed the challenge (to see what the challenge was -- please visit my blog)! She has already picked out the beautiful earrings she would like and she will be receiving them at the First PA Team meeting in August! Congrats!

June Recognition!!

Hey y'all....

What an absolutely AWESOME month everyone had! I can not believe it! Everyone else is complaining that their sales are down and almost everyone's sales went up! Incredible! If this is what June looks like I can not WAIT to see what August, September, October and November are going to bring! Y'all will be sitting in some fat cash they way you are going!!!
Krista Y(PA) -- $2668.01
Gretchen M (PA) -- $2295.45
Libby A (PA) -- $2156.48
Karen A (NY) -- $2012.75
Stacey S (PA) -- $1848.25

** It is interesting to note here that of the five top sellers -- FOUR (including myself) of them completed the Phone call incentive that was offered in March. I will be offering it again in August!

Dream Builders Who Reached out and Made a New Dream Builder as a Partner:
Libby A (2): Kim W (PA) & Erin E (PA)
Gretchen M (2): Sasha H(PA) & Tracy B (GA)
Stacey Smith: Amy M- A(SC)
MeganLyn F Pat W(MA)

Dream Builders Who Reached Over $1,000.00 in Personal Sales
Krista Y (PA)
Karen A (NY)
Rhiannon F (PA)
Sasha H (PA)
Libby A (PA)
Richell S (PA)
Stacey S (PA)
Brandi S (MD)
Gretchen M (PA)

** It is interesting to note of the nine above -- six completed the phone call incentive and two of them were not part of the team yet. I do not know if listening to the thirtyone minute calls help or not -- but I must say it can not hurt!

Dream Builders Who Qualified this Month ($1,000 in career sales)
Krista Y(PA)
Rhiannon F (PA)

Dream Builders Who Completed Their Start Swell (will receive $25.00 gift certificate)
Krista Y (PA)
Sasha H (PA)
Rhiannon F (PA)

Dream Builders Who Entered Their First Parties This Month
(Please note that I do try to keep up with this -- if I missed you, please let me know)
Sasha H (PA)
Carolyn A (MD)Publish Post
Erin E (PA)
Anna K (VA)
Maureen C (NY)
Heidi M (PA)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Some neat Thirty-One Stats!

Just got some statistics about the company from the Directors Call. First things first -- our company had its FIRST million dollars in SALES!!! YEAH! What an accomplishment for this company. Funny -- we are no even close to ground level -- still only 20% of what is considered ground level or with momentum!! Below is a statement from a website talking about ground level and what it means...

Other Facts:
  • Average Show for May: $410.00
  • Number of Active Consultants: 1,849
  • Number of Consultants with Sales in the month of May: 1,036
  • Number of Sign-Ups for the month of May: 273
  • Number of Directors: 50
I have also included the most recent map of Thirty-One (June 2008)! I signed up last year -- so I finally have a map of equal comparison (June 2007). Here are some very interesting highlights!

State 2007 2008
PA 15 43
AL 53 327
TN 101 199
NC 42 184

*** These are some GREAT statistics for recruiting ladies! I can not believe AL -- they have grown a little over 600% in ONE year! Who's state is next?? Remember ladies you need to talk the business NOT just sell the stuff if you want to grow at this rate! Where will we be in a year? Where will YOU be in a year?


When choosing a company you want to find a company that has not gone through momentum yet. You are looking for a ground floor opportunity, the challenge is finding one that is low risk (which of course is Thirty-One).

When the company hits five million dollars a month in a country the company will go into momentum. Once in momentum 80% of the distributors that will join the company will join. The next phase is stabilization and growth. Ideally you want to find a company in formulation phase or in the early stages of momentum. If you join a company in the stabilization phase it is very difficult to make any serious money. Combine a company that is about to go into momentum with the baby boomer trend and it is a huge wave.