Monday, June 16, 2008

Some neat Thirty-One Stats!

Just got some statistics about the company from the Directors Call. First things first -- our company had its FIRST million dollars in SALES!!! YEAH! What an accomplishment for this company. Funny -- we are no even close to ground level -- still only 20% of what is considered ground level or with momentum!! Below is a statement from a website talking about ground level and what it means...

Other Facts:
  • Average Show for May: $410.00
  • Number of Active Consultants: 1,849
  • Number of Consultants with Sales in the month of May: 1,036
  • Number of Sign-Ups for the month of May: 273
  • Number of Directors: 50
I have also included the most recent map of Thirty-One (June 2008)! I signed up last year -- so I finally have a map of equal comparison (June 2007). Here are some very interesting highlights!

State 2007 2008
PA 15 43
AL 53 327
TN 101 199
NC 42 184

*** These are some GREAT statistics for recruiting ladies! I can not believe AL -- they have grown a little over 600% in ONE year! Who's state is next?? Remember ladies you need to talk the business NOT just sell the stuff if you want to grow at this rate! Where will we be in a year? Where will YOU be in a year?


When choosing a company you want to find a company that has not gone through momentum yet. You are looking for a ground floor opportunity, the challenge is finding one that is low risk (which of course is Thirty-One).

When the company hits five million dollars a month in a country the company will go into momentum. Once in momentum 80% of the distributors that will join the company will join. The next phase is stabilization and growth. Ideally you want to find a company in formulation phase or in the early stages of momentum. If you join a company in the stabilization phase it is very difficult to make any serious money. Combine a company that is about to go into momentum with the baby boomer trend and it is a huge wave.


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